Private Rome underground children tour exposes your family to the mysterious world buried beneath the city since the 2nd century. For a spooky underground adventure that will add something extra to your Roman holiday explore the secrets hidden beneath the Eternal City. Experience centuries of art, history, religion, and mythology. Visit shadowy crypts and early Christian catacombs. Descend into intriguing subterranean sites adorned with symbols, frescoes, and bones. This is a fun archaeological expedition that you will all remember for years to come!

Travel back in time and find out the history and legends that lie beneath your feet as you descend underneath the city’s surface. With its layers of history, the secrets of what lies under this bustling city will fascinate both adults and kids. Indeed, tunneling into the dark underbelly of Rome would be a great history lesson for understanding the city’s origins and development. In fact, beneath Rome there is another city and your expert guide will peel back layers of history revealing the way Rome was built over the centuries.

Catacombs and crypts are some of the perennial favorites of families who crave a vacation with a sense of adventure. This original Rome underground children tour offers a mix of fun and experiential Roman history. Come face to face with the skeletal remains of the city’s past. Descend into the creepy Capuchin Crypt, a set of six chapels made out of the bones and skulls of an estimated 4000 Capuchin monks. Venture outside of the city walls to the catacombs off the ancient Appian Way where Umbrella Pines, twittering birds, and lovely vistas line the way. Walk down dark tunnels and secret passageways. Uncover Rome history layer upon layer and let your children feel like archaeologists for a day! A private underground tour focusing on the mysterious side of Rome catacombs and crypts and recommended for families with kids ages 6 and up. Contact us for pricing and availability.

* Private Half-Day Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Local Guide
* Private Licensed Driver
* Private Deluxe Vehicle
* Rome Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off
* Scenic Drive
* Ancient Appian Way
* Underground Catacombs
* Capuchin Crypt
* Best Photo Ops

Rome underground children tour is purely for your family, offering the personal attention required to explore sites that reflect layer upon layer of civilization at your own pace. This carefully planned itinerary includes a private car and driver who will accompany you and your guide to visit one of Rome’s catacombs: the city boasts over forty catacombs covering hundreds of kilometers of tunnels. The next stop is a visit to the chilling Capuchin Crypts, where 17th century monks belonging to an insular order decorated these chambers with the bones of their brethren and other period notables.

Discover hidden delights and quirky sites in detail. Learn all about Rome’s secret stories that bring the city history to life. This living history Rome underground children tour will captivate the minds and the eyes of the whole family! The aura of mystery surrounding catacombs and crypts has inspired legends for centuries. Crypts, catacombs, and labyrinths are goblin pleasers for young travels who love hidden and quirky sites. A visit to these bizarre places is a fun and creepy adventure.

Venture out of city center, down to the Appian Way, where Umbrella Pines, birds, and lovely vistas line the way. Pass by the Circus Maximus, the Baths of Caracalla, and the Pyramid of Caius Cestius. Descend into underground labyrinths used as catacombs containing the burial sites of early Christians including saints and popes alongside commoners.

Get a spooky thrill at the shadowy Capuchin Crypt. See the bizarre display of the bones of Capuchin monks that decorate the underground crypt. There are vertebrae chandeliers, skeletons posed in several rooms and literally piles of bones that must be seen to be believed. Admire secret details and hear little known facts. In addition, at the Capuchin Museum you can see Caravaggio St. Francis in Meditation along with other artifacts that will give you an insight into what the lives of the Capuchin monks were like.

How it Works
During the booking process, you will be able to tell us when and what you would like to tour. You will also have the opportunity to tell us how we can customize the private tour for you and yours. With that, we will create the perfect tour for you.

Optional Add Ons to Enhance Your Private Family Tour

Underground Excavations of the Basilica of St. Clemente

ADD ON Private Guided Visit of the Undergrounds of the Basilica of St. Clemente an Off the Beaten Path Fun Archaeological Layer Cake for Children to Explore
For a complete history lesson continue your travel back in time by descending deep below this multi layered Basilica. San Clemente is the only place in Rome to hear the underground river that flows beneath the city! This historical layer cake showcases different slices of Rome history, a time capsule where kids can step from the 12th century, down to the 4th century, to the 2nd and 1st century, under the streets of Rome. Experience with your own eyes underground Rome layers of history. Here you can descend to a depth of 60 ft. and go back over 2000 years of discovery. Enjoy the history of Rome all in one building! San Clemente is not just another church in Rome, it is unique and it really demonstrates how a city changes and builds and exemplifies a lot of the history of Rome. The Basilica is small, almost child sized and there is an underground spring whose rushing water adds to the unique ambiance. Descend three layers underground to wander through buried churches and ancient Roman passageways. Under the top-most, 12th century church is a 4th-century church and under that church is a Mithras temple and a Roman house. Descending beneath the church kids easily realize the passage from paganism to Christianity.
Please Note: When entering churches always ensure that you dress appropriately, no shorts or sleeveless dresses. By not being properly attired you run into the risk of being denied entry.
Extra Time Duration: 60 minutes

Learn the Secrets Behind Captivating Places through Rome Magic Keyhole

ADD ON Private Guided Visit of the Aventine Hill and Discover the Magic Keyhole one of Rome Best Kept Secrets

Experience one of Rome’s most hidden secrets! Discover the Aventine Hill one of the legendary seven hills on which ancient Rome was built. Get an amazing view of Rome through the famous keyhole in the large door of the Villa of the Knights of Malta where you squint, look through… and discover the magnificent St. Peter’s Dome magically framed by a symmetrical tunnel of trimmed trees. Explore the quiet Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta bordered by a high wall, decorated with obelisks and military trophies, it leads to a famous and fascinating broad and dark wooden door, which is always shut. The huge doorway famous for the keyhole is the mighty entrance to the headquarters of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta. Known affectionately as the “hole of Rome” the enduring attraction draws visitors to this fascinating piazza. No key is required: all you have to do is put an open eye to the keyhole and focus. A vision of St. Peter’s Dome perfectly in perspective, framed by trees in the foreground opens up. The glinting white dome often wrapped in a thin mysterious mist looks like it’s standing at the end of the garden path, just beyond the door; when it is instead several miles away.
Extra Time Duration: 60 minutes

Learn the Secret Stories Behind Roman Engineering at the Park of Aqueducts

ADD ON Private Guided Visit of the Rome Park of Aqueducts, a Real Outdoor Museum Away from the Crowds

Continue your travel back in time at the off the beaten path Rome Park of Aqueducts. Here, you might feel like being in the wild side of Rome of centuries ago. This beautiful park located on the outskirts of Rome contains historical and archaeological remains including a remarkable section of Roman aqueducts, a magnificent example of engineering work. In fact, some aqueducts remain operational to this day. The aqueducts stand today, more than 2000 years later as a testament to the engineering genius of the ancient Romans. By investigating the minds of the emperors, architects and engineers behind them, your expert kid-friendly guide reveals the mysteries of constructions that changed the world. Do not miss the chance to discover one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes featuring archaeological monuments dating back to the Republican and Imperial age away from the crowds.
Extra Time Duration: 90 minutes

Rome Underground Children Tour Customized For You!


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