Pompeii fun family tour is a thought provoking educational experience that exposes adults and kids to the world of the Romans. Step out of the classroom and into the ancient streets of Pompeii with our living history walk. Your private guide will take you on a comprehensive tour of this thriving city both destroyed and preserved by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, really bringing it to life by detailing the significance, myths and storied history surrounding it.

Few destinations in the world conjure history and myths the way this ghost town does. Experience the magic of exploration with your children. Our private tour of Pompeii gives you a glimpse of what life was like more than two millennia ago as you walk amid the perfectly preserved remains of daily life with an expert guide at your side. During this hands-on exploration, you will discover the mythology of temples and haunting ruins buried in volcanic ash. Walk through history among baths, villas, markets, and forums just as the Romans did. Hear informative stories and fun facts about the city past and present.

Live the last days of this inspiring city frozen in time after the volcanic eruption. Your kid-friendly guide enhances young explorers’ curiosity comparing present ruins to the monuments of the past giving a clear picture of what Pompeii would have looked like before Mt. Vesuvius popped its top. All the historical information are tailored to your knowledge and interests well-seasoned with curiosities about habits and daily life of the Romans. Our private Pompeii fun family tour makes learning history easy and enjoyable. Contact us for pricing and availability.

* Private Half-Day Walking Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Local Guide
* The Amphitheater
* The Roman Forum
* Roman Baths
* Roman Houses
* Temples
* Best Photo Ops

Pompeii fun family tour is private, offering the personal attention required to experience one of the world’s archaeological sites at your own pace. Learn the storied history behind this open air museum with an expert kid-friendly guide on hand. This living history and experiential family tour will captivate the minds and the eyes of adults and children.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii once a famous tourist destination for the Romans is now an archaeological find and an outdoor museum featuring intriguing ruins. Enjoy art, history, and archaeology first hand. Pompeii has fascinated archaeologists for centuries. Discover what the excavations have revealed about the daily life in Pompeii before that fateful day. Everything from jars and tables to frescoes and people was frozen in time yielding an unprecedented opportunity to learn how people lived 2000 years ago. Experience an ancient world still intact today. Much of the city was preserved under the ashes as a result, what we know about everyday life in the Roman Empire comes from here. Delve into the remains of villas, temples, shops, baths, and artworks. Explore the Roman equivalent of today’s fast-food restaurants, and see the bakeries where carbonized loaves of bread were found during excavations. Discover daily life in the ancient world. Kids imaginations run wild as your own dedicated guide explains how the Romans went about daily activities. Learn how they lived, how they did their laundry, what they did for entertainment, and how they built their roads.

How it Works
During the booking process, you will be able to tell us when and what you would like to tour. You will also have the opportunity to tell us how we can customize the private tour for you and yours. With that, we will create the perfect tour for you.

Optional Add Ons to Enhance Your Private Family Tour

Private Transportation Service

ADD ON Private English Speaking Licensed Driver and Deluxe Air-Conditioned Mercedes Benz Vehicle
A private vehicle and a driver is the perfect solution for those who want to tour Pompeii without the hassle of train transfers.
Enjoy the flexibility to tour at your own pace with the convenience of your friendly on-hand English speaking licensed driver. With this optional private transportation service, you have your own vehicle with a driver, at disposal for the whole length of the tour and an expert kid-friendly local guide meets you in Pompeii. The perfect solution for those who want to transfer to/from Pompeii in comfort and ease.


ADD ON Tour the Ruins of Herculaneum and Gain a Wonderful Insight into the Elegant Lives of the Romans
Herculaneum and its neighbor Pompeii are archaeological godsends, the rarest of time capsules showing the complete range of life at one particular instant in the ancient world. The town of Herculaneum was a holiday getaway for Rome’s elite until the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. This historic city met its fate in 79 A.D. as did Pompeii. While Herculaneum is smaller than Pompeii, its ruins are much better preserved. While a layer of loose volcanic ash covered Pompeii, Herculaneum was submerged in deep flows of hot volcanic mud that kept much of its original architecture providing a real picture of life during Roman times. Today Herculaneum is one of the more impressive but lesser known archaeological sites of Italy. Admire perfectly preserved 2,000-year-old frescoes, an intact wooden bed, and wealthy Roman villas. Hear interesting stories that will capture your imagination. Your guide brings the history, deep burial and rediscovery of Herculaneum to life. The remains of the holiday ancient Roman resort of Herculaneum offers a vivid impression of the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by the wealthier citizens of the early Roman Empire.
Please Note: Herculaneum closes on Christmas Day, January 1st and May 1st.
Extra Time Duration: 180 minutes

Amalfi Coast

ADD ON Amalfi Coast Guided Drive One of our Most Requested and Popular Excursions for Families
Remark: This optional feature upgrade is ONLY available for those booking Private English Speaking Driver & Deluxe A/C Vehicle Optional Add-On.
There are endless attractions in Amalfi Coast to delight families, from stunning Mediterranean views to historic spots that celebrate old rich traditions. Enjoy a scenic drive along one of the most beautiful and thrilling roads in the world. Keep your camera close by for snapshots of the Mediterranean Sea and clusters of white house’s clinging to the precipitous hillside. The exquisite Amalfi drive zigzagging over hairpin bends is one of Europe’s most spectacular stretch of coastline. Drive past terraced hillsides and whitewashed tiny towns. The ancient villages scattered along the Amalfi Coast have always attracted visitors of all ages for their charm and colorful architecture.
Extra Time Duration: Customized

Mt. Vesuvius

ADD ON Mt. Vesuvius a Hit with Families with Children
Remark: This optional feature upgrade is ONLY available for those booking Private English Speaking Driver & Deluxe A/C Vehicle Optional Add-On.
Experience first-hand the source of the devastation that destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum almost 2000 years ago! Head to Mt. Vesuvius for a family adventure full of discovery and activity. Enjoy a scenic drive to furthest point possible with the option to carry on to the summit on foot. The area around the volcano is a National Park incorporating the spectacular Valley of the Giant. There is access by road to within 660 ft. of the summit but thereafter access is on foot only. By car, we can only reach the base camp from where walking is required. Your tour of Mt. Vesuvius begins with the slow trip up the windy road up the hill until the parking lot where you must leave the car behind here. From the parking area, it is a 45-minute upward hike of moderate difficulty to the crater through soft volcanic ash and pumice and another 25-minute back down. A medium to high level of fitness is required to complete the climb to the top that reaches nearly 3900 feet. while.
Please Note: If the Vesuvius is closed due to inclement weather an extended driving tour will be offered.
Please Note: On this excursion we are unable to accommodate guests with wheelchairs or mobility impairments.
Extra Time Duration: 180 minutes

Naples National Archaeological Museum

ADD ON Naples Celebrated Archaeological Museum
Enhance your family’s understanding of the ancient world. If there is one museum in Naples to take the kids, this is it. Experience art, history, and archaeology first-hand on this museum adventure! This excellent museum located in the heart of the city, houses one of the most important collections of classical archaeology in the world. Its priceless collection of Roman and Greek antiquities is unique. Here you will see important frescoes, statues, arms, and gladiator’s helmets, unearthed at Pompeii and Herculaneum excavations. For anyone even vaguely interested in ancient art this excellent museum is jaw dropping. Children of all ages will love the Egyptian collection and the magnificent reconstructions of entire rooms from Pompeii that reflect aspects of ancient everyday life.
Please Note: The National Archaeological Museum closes on Tuesdays.
Extra Time Duration: 120 minutes

Pompeii Fun Family Tour Customized to Your Desires!


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