Where to Stay in Naples?

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Between a magnificent coastline and Mount Vesuvius lies the beautiful city of Naples, Campania’s capital. The city offers a wealth of things to see rivaling Rome in terms of the history and splendor of its attractions. If you’re planning a trip deciding on where to stay in Naples is no easy task. Especially if you’re visiting Naples for the first time.

Best times to visit Naples

Southern Italy's lively Naples is a year-round destination. In summer, the weather can get quite hot and along with the temperatures, hotel rates also rise, especially in June and July. Thanks to its southern location, the weather stays relatively mild throughout the year.

Where to Stay in Naples: Area by Area

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When it comes time to decide where to stay in Naples is as important as choosing places to visit and things to do. The city of Naples has so much to offer in terms of artistic heritage and history that even the hotel or B&B you choose for your stay could be the first stage of your amazing Italy vacation. Find a few suggestions below of the best areas to stay in Naples.

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Spaccanapoli - Historic Center

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The neighborhood known as Spaccanapoli (literally, "split Naples") takes its name from the narrow street which, under several names, divides the city running east to west. It's actually a remnant of the original Greek and Roman street plan, as it was the decumanus inferior of the earlier city. In fact, many of the streets of this district have Greek/Roman origins.

Today this district is the liveliest and most interesting part of old Naples. The street life, the wide variety of shops, the tiny pizzerias, and just the overall noise and confusion make wandering these streets one of the highlights of a visit to Naples. The pros in staying in this ancient neighborhood are that it is close to all main city monuments, sights and metro.

Check out Zonaporto B&B 5 minutes walking distance from the Duomo and from Spaccanapoli. If you are looking for a luxury hotel instead, have a look at Palazzo Decumani, a restored palace dating back to the early 20th century with modern high-level design. Other two recommended boutique hotels to stay in the historic center are the Santa Chiara and the Costantinopoli 104.

Quartieri Spagnoli - Spanish Quarters

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The Spanish Quarter is the name given to the area to the west of Via Toledo running up the hillside. Originally laid out to house Spanish troops, the area is now a lively and often overwhelming maze of tiny streets. It is a true local gem, full of small authentic shops and eateries. In fact, our Naples street food tour takes place right here.

There are no major tourist sights here, but walking through this neighborhood offers a fascinating look at the real Naples with its tiny streets and insane traffic. There are some good restaurants here, including Pizzeria Brandi which claims to have invented the Pizza Margherita. A good option to check is the hotel Il Convento, great to immerse in a historic past thanks to its monastery style with all the modern comforts.

Santa Lucia/The Seaside Lungomare

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To get a look at picture-perfect Naples, consider staying along the seaside Lungomare. The promenade stretches for almost 2 miles with picturesque views of Mt. Vesuvius and Castel dell’Ovo, Naples’ oldest castle. Here you will find the most upscale hotels like the Hotel Royal Continental with a seawater rooftop pool boasting striking views, or the Grand Hotel Vesuvius which fuses tradition with a luxurious service and design.

Riviera di Chiaia


More fashion-forward travelers would appreciate the Chiaia neighborhood of Naples. Its location, facing the Bay of Naples, makes it one of the most picturesque and desirable areas of the city. It’s also where high-end shops like Armani and Ferragamo can be found.

The promenade along the waterfront runs for over a mile and makes for a nice stroll. At the end of this promenade is the Mergellina, an area of restaurants and bars along the waterfront and embarkation point for ferries to Capri, Procida, and other destinations. Our top choices for where to stay in Naples Chiaia area are the Palazzo Alabardieri and Il Salotto della Regina.

The Vomero Hill

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This is one of the most loved neighborhoods by Neapolitans and not just for shopping, restaurants and ice cream parlors. Despite its recent history, it offers significant cultural attractions including the Certosa di San Martino and the Castel Sant'Elmo. However, compared to other areas the Vomero is undeniably one of the most distant from the historic center, train station and port.

The neighborhood offers more than 119 hotel facilities with very high standards. If you are looking on where to stay in Naples Vomero area, look at the comfortable and elegant Gentile Relais or the simple Hotel Cimarosa. Other two options to consider are the Kerbaker 14 B&B or the more upscale Villa San Martino hotel.


best-places- to-stay-in- Naples-Posillipo

This neighborhood is very similar in surroundings and atmosphere to the Vomero district, but even further away from the historic center. The views from here are spectacular though. Hotels here are scarse, but in case of necessity check La Stella dei Venti with its beautiful and distinct rooms and highly efficient service.

Piazza Garibaldi Naples Central Train Station

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If you're traveling by train to Naples and plan to take several day trips, hotels and B&Bs near the central train station make a convenient place to stay. Although the station area isn't in the nicest part of town, the area has been cleaned and it has some good places to stay. Try La Peonia, a country-chic B&B or the UNA Hotel Napoli close enough to the famous Pizzeria da Michele to smell the pizzas as they cook in the wood-burning ovens.

Extend Your Stay in Naples

The south is full of evocative names: Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Herculaneu, Amalfi Coast, Vesuvius. Archeology buffs stay in the area of Naples and take tours of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Archeological Museum of Naples. An extra day gives you a choice of Amalfi Coast tour with most beautiful coastline in Europe and stops at Positano, Amalfi and Ravello and the tour of Capri linked by ferries either from Naples or Sorrento. For those with kids with too much energy a Pompeii tour followed by easy and safe climb of Vesuvius is an excellent option.

Naples Trip Plans

Now you know all the options on where to stay in Naples, which one will you choose? Get in touch with a local travel specialist to make your stay even more memorable. Customize your days. There is always too little time to see it all in Italy. Let us know how much time you have and what your interests are and we will design your ideal personalized tours: educational, fun, efficient and safe. For trip ideas inspiration see our 4 Days in Naples itinerary.

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