How Much Does a Custom Trip to Italy Cost?

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023 - 4 mins read

Last modified on December 30, 2023

by Stefania

Italy abounds with history, spectacular landscapes, magnificent art, exquisite cuisine, and warm, friendly people. The possibilities for an incredible vacation are endless. It is no wonder that Italy is the most-requested destination for the luxury traveler to Europe, and prices often reflect that.

Planning (or thinking about) a trip to Italy, and wondering how much does it cost?

As specialists in bespoke travel to Italy, we get asked often “How much does a private, custom-designed trip to Italy cost?” We are not trying to be evasive when we say “It depends on you and your travel style.” Nancy Aiello Tours offers a premium service for personalized, private travel experiences. Every single trip we design is tailored and the exact cost will depend on your inclusions and preferences.

Because each trip is a custom-made creation for each client there are so many factors to weigh. How many people? How long? Where? When? What desired comfort level? You can imagine that with all of these factors, and more, it is very difficult and inaccurate to provide costs before clients fill out a simple form and after our trip planners conduct a brief consultation.

ow much does a luxury trip to Italy cost

How Much Does a Tailor Made Trip to Italy Cost?

Costs of luxury travel have gone up exponentially after COVID 19. For a rough idea of price, our custom trips range from €900-€1800 per person per day and up. This estimate would include stays at ⁠upscale hotels, private touring, first-class in-country transport, and personalized assistance before and during your travels as follows:

  • Customized travel planning for your style.
  • 4-5* hotels selected based on your taste and priorities.
  • Immersive private tours & experiences with local experts, curated around your interests — along with as much free time as you’d like.
  • Ground transport and expertly planned logistics in line with your preferences— with private drivers and/or by high-speed trains.
  • Essential pre-departure information to help you prepare for your trip to Italy
  • In-country support from our Italy based team whilst traveling

The above estimate cost of the trips is in Euros, so please use to find out the average costs in your home currency.

how much does a family trip to Italy cost in 2023

Estimated Cost for Private Custom Italy Trips in 2024

Because our custom-designed vacations are not cookie cutter mass-produced trips, there is no accurate way to predict in advance the cost of a trip. For approximation’s sake only, here are some recent trips we designed and the approximate cost of those trips. All costs do not factor in airfare. The costs below represent a ballpark of what the client paid for their private, custom-designed Italy trip.

8-day trip in Tuscany for a family of four staying in a combination of luxury and country resort: €34,600
12-day trip for two seniors including Rome, Florence, and Venice: €21,000
14-day trip in Venice, Florence, Naples and Rome for a family of six: €61,200
10-day trip for mother and daughter staying in two spa hotels and a stay in a luxurious contemporary hotel in Venice, Florence, and Rome: €37,000

These are just a few examples from trips that Nancy Aiello Tours put together recently. Every trip plan is unique and is customized to match your preferences, travel style and budget. With a team of knowledgeable Local Travel Advisors and access to truly amazing experiences and locations, Nancy Aiello Tours has the expertise to optimize your Italian adventure and delivers private, tailored travel experiences.

Planning a big trip in 2024?

As experts in custom itinerary planning in Italy, we love trip planning too! By organizing your ideas into a seamless itinerary that fully matches your vision, together we can help you create your dream Italy trip.

Start here. Make that big trip happen. To kick-start your planning, we’ve got the best places to go. From laid-back beaches to buzzing cities, there’s something for everyone. Plus, insider tips for where to stay, things to do, and more.

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