There are two ways to visit Venice: follow the flow of tourists who take a fixed route chosen by about 20 million people every year or leave the tourist trail behind. We pride ourselves on creating authentic travel experiences for the curious visitor who yearn to go beyond the typical.

The City of Canals is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It boasts superb art and architecture and is one of our most requested destinations. There are several obvious sights to see but we like to design trips showing you parts of Venice that few people see, let alone know about. Whether it is an artist’s studio or having an intimate candlelight dinner on a private, traditional Venetian boat.

Delve into the real Venice your way, your pace

Without doubt, a vacation here sounds idyllic, but how do you enjoy the city away from the crowds? We will take you off the beaten track to explore the city’s nooks and crannies with an experienced guide who will emphasize your interests. Our expert guides are all local and passionate about their city. They will lead you away from the tourist hordes through a Venice only insiders know, opening closed doors and bringing to life the essence of this unique city.

Drawing on our many years of experience and insider knowledge, our expertise in this magical city is incredibly deep and varied. So, if you want the extraordinary for your upcoming trip to Venice, we have got you covered. We offer cultural immersion experiences both on land and on the water designed around your interests and who you will be travelling with. Browse our collection of private tours of Venice below for inspiration. Alternatively, you can work with one of our Italy travel planners to create the trip you want. Even a single day trip to Venice.

Our goal in trip planning is to help travelers avoid being tourists and, instead, have fun connecting with locals on a personalized itinerary that allows for spontaneous detours through Venice’s lesser-known stories and secrets. Whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply as a short break, let Nancy Aiello Tours create a Venetian experience just for you.

VENICE 2020: New Personally Vetted Cultural Immersion Experiences

✔️Jogging In The Floating City

✔️Ciccheti & Wine Tasting

✔️Explore the Best of Venice in One Day

✔️Authentic Glass Blowing Experience in Murano

✔️Grand Canal Cruise at Sunset & Murano Aperitif with a Master Glassblower

✔️Row a Gondola like A Gondolier

✔️Walking Photo Shooting

✔️Photo Shooting By Boat

✔️Luxury Cruises in the Venetian Lagoon

✔️Prosecco Wine Tasting Day Trip

Private Tours of Venice Customized to Your Desires!

Secret Venice Exclusive Tour

The Real Venice Private Tour

Custom tours in Venice away from the crowds. Go beyond typical tourist attractions with a private guide leading the way. 


Experience Venice Exclusive Tour

The Essence of Venice Private Tour

Custom private tours of Venice by land and water.


Exclusive Venice Jewish Tour

Jewish Ghetto Venice Tour

Custom private tours of Venice Jewish ghetto.


Exclusive Venice by Night Tour

Venice Night Walking Tour

Venice private tour at sunset away from the daytime crowds.


Venice Top Islands Tour

Venice Murano Burano Private Tour

Custom private day trip to Murano and Burano.


Venice Exclusive Food Tour

Venice Italy Food Tours

Get a taste of Venice: custom private food tour.


Venice Early Morning Tour

Early Morning Venice Private Tour

See Venice without the crowds. Custom private tours of Venice off the beaten path.


Venice Dangerous Beauty Tour

Venice Courtesans Private Tour

Custom private tours of Venice into the life and times of Venetian courtesans.


Welcome to Venice a beautiful authentic luxury travel destination in Italy

With its historic buildings, grand squares and winding canals Venice is on the itineraries of most first-time visitors to Italy, and it is a beloved destination for return visitors as well. Its charm lies also in the fact that is the only pedestrian city in the world. Here the dense network of canals carry out the same function exercised elsewhere by roads. Actually, from the earliest days one aspect of city life that most caught the imagination of visitors was to see people moving round the city not on horseback but in handy boats.

Nowadays, this unusual city built on wooden piles in a lagoon is an open-air work of art. St Mark’s Square, the Grand Canal, the Bridge of Sighs, the gondolas, the lace of Burano, and the glass of Murano, all contribute to the magic of Venice. Whether you are traveling as a couple, taking the family or visiting with friends, Venice is one of our most popular destinations and we have plenty to share with you.

Make the most of your stay in Venice with personally vetted itineraries

Every real travel needs to have its own highlight, and your holiday in Venice deserves a very special one. To make this happen, our destination experts have masterfully crafted a selection of unique individual tours to let you feel the real magic of Venice: the memorable highlight of your journey.

We have been designing itineraries in Venice for more than a decade and we are continually scouting and road testing the best accommodations, guides, and experiences to make your dream trip a reality. Whatever your travel style we will help you find that perfect getaway in this postcard city.

Pro Travel Tip: While it is indeed possible to make a day trip to Venice, to really explore the city you need to stay for at least 3 nights.

When to go

And finally, the best part about Venice is the fact that you can visit at any time during the year, and it will still be beautiful. This fabled city on the water is an all-year round destination because every season offers something different and precious. However, the best time of year to visit Venice is in the shoulder season including April, May and October when the weather is warm and the crowds are smaller.