The Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica are unquestionable highlights of a visit to Rome, but can be overwhelming without a strategy. In addition, the Vatican collection is vast, rich, and varied ranging from ancient Greek statues to post-impressionist paintings. Whether you want to see the Vatican’s greatest hits or are seeking an in-depth understanding of the art that most catches your interest, we will create the right experience for you. With careful planning, skip the line access and one of our passionate guides on hand we will help you make the most out of your visit. This in depth private tour of the Vatican engages Rome first-timers and regular museum-goers with art and culture in a personal way.

Cross the Vatican off your bucket list with a private itinerary curated to your preferences. Feast your eyes on one of the world most extensive collections gathered by art-loving Popes with an expert who helps you to appreciate what you are looking at understanding of the beauty around you. Along with the well-known artists, you will also be introduced to lesser-known masterpieces lurking just off the beaten tourist path waiting to be discovered. Dive into the Papal Palaces your way, your pace accompanied by a private Vatican guide tailoring a narrative around your curiosity and questions. Get under the skin of the Vatican’s history. Hear the stories behind the Vatican City itself and the masterpieces whose creations crowd its walls. This Vatican City tour is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the novice and art buff alike.

Savor the rich artistic heritage of the Museums and Sistine Chapel enriched with the visit of St. Peter’s Basilica in a thorough and engaging way. This in depth private tour of the Vatican takes you out of the line and into the company of an art historian who guides you through lavishly decorated galleries including the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of the Candelabra, and the Gallery of the Tapestries. In the Sistine Chapel, engage with the largest frescoes in the world. Gaze in amazement at the 1200 square meters ceiling where Michelangelo painted key scenes from the Book of Genesis. Learn entertaining little details behind the fresco and understand the Creation of the World. Marvel at the Christian-inspired Last Judgment fresco covering the whole altar wall of the Chapel. Between the two frescoes is an interval of almost twenty-five years and you will realize between the evolution of Michelangelo’s painting style.

From the Sistine Chapel the guided tour continues on to the St. Peter’s Basilica skipping the line. Discover the largest and holiest place of Christian worship in the world. This will be a journey into the history of the Popes and the Catholic Church. The Basilica, built at the time of Emperor Constantine on the site of the martyrdom of St. Peter, has attracted huge masses of pilgrims for centuries becoming the center and the symbol of the Christianity. Here you will encounter the dramatic beauty of Michelangelo’s Pieta the most famous sculpture of the master, Bernini’s monumental bronze canopy rising above the altar, along with artworks by Canova, Arnolfo di Cambio and the Algardi. Our in depth private tour of the Vatican ends in St. Peter’s Square. We can customize your Vatican City tour to a wide variety of interests.


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✔️Gallery of the Tapestries
✔️Raphael Rooms
✔️Sistine Chapel
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This in depth private tour of the Vatican with skip the line entry and a carefully planned route ensures a personalized experience built around your interests, curiosity, and passions. We take you straight to the galleries you are most interested in catching the highlights that appeal to you the most. Enjoy unlimited attention from your private Vatican guide who brings some of the world’s great masterpieces to life. Move at your own pace. See the works you want to see and get your questions answered.

In the heart of Rome lies the Vatican City center of the Roman Catholic Church. Its 2000-year long history goes back to the Roman Empire. The Leonine Walls dates from the time barbarians were attacking Rome. Over the years, Popes have commissioned and assembled an extraordinary collection of antiquities and artistic works within the Vatican City walls. Be part of the story. Explore one of the most famous places on the planet that amazes its guest by both its architecture outside and the masterpieces of arts inside!

With more than six million visitors every year eager on seeing some of the world’s great masterpieces, the Vatican can be a little overwhelming. Go straight in bypassing its famous long lines accompanied by guides versed in art and history. We follow a carefully planned route through the Museums visiting the most famous rooms including the Sistine Chapel. As you travel through time, your guide familiar with the collection will provide insights into the history and treasures that you see.

The Sistine Chapel is the great glory of the Vatican. Michelangelo monumental frescoes cover the whole ceiling. The vibrancy of colors and the grandeur of the ceiling never fail to amaze. More than 350 figures are portrayed on the ceiling, with some of them wearing the faces of Michelangelo contemporaries. One of the most heart wrenching paintings is the scene of the Last Judgment that the artist painted onto the Chapel main wall. Learn about the characters and stories depicted in the frescoes.

More masterpieces await you today. Skip the line once again to enter St. Peter’s Basilica. Admire majestic artworks and stunning architecture. St. Peter Basilica awes the visitor by its gigantic but harmonious proportions creating a city within itself. The Basilica is a masterpiece where artworks await at every turn from Bernini magnificent bronze canopy to Michelangelo Pieta. Our in depth private tour of the Vatican ends in St. Peter Square. Marvel at Michelangelo majestic Dome and feel spiritual embraced by Bernini spectacular elliptical colonnade.

How it Works.
We will get the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tickets ahead of time so that you will not have to wait in any lines. The Vatican closes on Sundays and on certain Holy days throughout the year. With the vast amount of art to see we can help you focusing on some of the most important sections and pieces. During the booking process, you will be able to tell our Italian-based team when and what you would like to tour. You will also have the opportunity to tell us how we can customize the Vatican City tour for you and yours. With that, we will create the perfect travel experience for you. An in depth private tour of the Vatican built to the interests of you and yours. Advance reservations are essential.

In addition, to assist you in planning your visit to the Vatican, we have also created an informative resources page – How to Tour the Vatican that offers helpful advice.


Do you combine people to share the tour?

All our tours are private and totally customized to suit your desires, which means that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form groups.

Do we skip the line to enter the Vatican?

Yes. This tour guarantees your reservations and tickets to enter the the Vatican skipping the line.
Please Note: ALL visitors must pass through metal detectors at the security checkpoint before entering the Vatican so please, expect to wait for few minutes to clear security.

Can we enter the Sistine Chapel without going through the entire Museum?

The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums and it is not available separately. One must follow through the entire route of the Museums before entering the Sistine Chapel, which is located on the far end from the Museum’s entrance. Therefore, the Sistine Chapel located near the end of a long one-way itinerary inside the Museums can only be visited as part of the Vatican tour.

What happens if a site is unexpectedly closed on the day of scheduled tour?

We are NOT liable for reduced itineraries owing to unscheduled closures by attractions. Unscheduled closures do not depend on us, but on the administration of the sites visited on the tour. In the event of an unexpected closure of a site or attraction your guide will promptly provide an alternative itinerary. While we regret these inconveniences, these rare unforeseen closures are beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore no refunds will be issued.
The Vatican Museums Authorities retain the rights to alter the Museums opening hours or close specific areas of the Museum and/or Sistine Chapel at any time, and without prior notice. While we regret these inconveniences, these unforeseen closures are beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore, no refunds will be issued. In these rare cases, your guide will modify the itinerary and give you as complete a tour as possible working with the circumstances given but if it is impossible to complete a part of the tour we regret that no compensation can be offered.
On rare occasions St. Peter Basilica is subject to last minute closures without notice (i.e. for a special mass). While we regret these inconveniences, the unforeseen closure of St. Peter Basilica is beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore, no refunds will be issued. If this happens you will be offered an extended itinerary within the Vatican Museums and an introduction to St. Peter Basilica from outside. Your guide will modify the itinerary working with the circumstances given and will do the appropriate adjustments. If your travel date is on Wednesdays there is the possibility that access to St. Peter Basilica and St. Peter Square may be closed at the time of the morning tour. This is due to the weekly Papal Audience during which access to St. Peter Basilica could be closed. If you wish a tour with St. Peter Basilica and Square please, do not choose Wednesday AM as your travel date.

When our tour is over will we be able to climb the Dome or visit the grottos where the Papal tombs?

Absolutely. Once the tour is complete your guide will be happy to point you in the right direction to continue the visit on your own.

Can Roma Pass be used for the Vatican Museum admission?

Roma pass can only be used in Rome NOT for the Vatican admission. The Roma Pass does not include the Vatican Museums which are in Vatican City, a city state within the city of Rome. The Vatican Museums including the Sistine Chapel are not part of the circuit of museums that can be visited with the Roma Pass and/or the Roma and Più Pass.

Do you use headsets on your Vatican tour?

In the Vatican headsets are mandatory for groups composed of 6 or more participants. The Vatican requires that you rent whisper or similar audio headsets at the door so that your guide can clearly communicate with your party without disturbing other visitors and with consideration for the Holy nature of the Vatican. Your personal guide will be talking into a small microphone and you will each be listening on special earpieces.

Do you do Scavi tours under the Vatican?

St.Peter’s Necropolis sometimes just called the Scavi or Excavations, which contains tombs dating from the origins of Christianity are organized by the Vatican itself. They accept applications and confirm the tour only the day before. Unless you are planning an extended stay in Rome, you will have trouble arranging this tour. This 90 min. tour into the Excavations of the Necropolis underneath St. Peter’s must book well in advance. You need to email them directly at
Please keep in mind that children under 11 are not allowed.

Will we be able to take pictures especially in the Sistine Chapel?

Pictures are not allowed inside the Sistine Chapel. All throughout the museums the Vatican City authorities have an enlightened policy on taking pictures and visitors are allowed to take photos provided there is no flash. But this does not apply to the Sistine Chapel.

Is food allowed inside the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel?

You are not allowed to consume food and drink inside the Museums, except in designated places such as the cafeteria.

Can I take my bag/umbrella inside St. Peter's Basilica?

Small bags and umbrellas are permitted inside the Basilica. Large bags and objects must however be left at the bag check situated at the entrance of St. Peter’s Basilica.

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